Display Real-Time Results to your TV

You and your clients can view real-time results including active heart rate, zone, calories burned and their average heart rate for the class. Simply hook up your iPad or iPhone to the TV through an HDMI adapter. For a wireless setup, you can incorporate an Apple TV. What you see on your iPad is different that what is displayed on the TV, so your clients information is never displayed.

Compatible on the iPhone and iPad

Data is synchronized across your personal devices. You can even use OnBeat in the outdoors. 


Assign Loaners to First Time Users

OnBeat makes it easy to create preassigned loaner heart rate monitors for first time users at your facility.  After the session, the app frees up the loaner, so it can be assigned to someone in the next session. The app records who the last person was to use it if they accidentally bring it home. 

Branded TV and Email Summary

Display your company logo on the TV and the workout email summaries.