Connect up to 100 Heart Rate Monitors Simultaneously

There are two configurations for installing OnBeat based on how many heart rate monitors you need to connect. With just your iPhone or iPad you can connect up to 12 Bluetooth heart rate monitors. If you need to connect more than 12 and up to 100, you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi Bridge Antenna from us by emailing The cost for the antenna is a one time $200 USD. We recommend trying out OnBeat with just your iPhone/iPad before expanding to the antenna.

The Wi-Fi Bridge Antenna is also compatible with all ANT+ heart rate monitors in addition to Bluetooth.

If your facility does not have a TV and you you want to use a laptop as your display, you can download Reflector software here

Connect up to 12 Heart Rate Monitors (small classes and personal trainers)

Download the printable PDF

Connect up to 100 Heart Rate Monitors (large classes)

Download the printable PDF

Miscellaneous Hardware

To fully experience OnBeat you will want to connect to a TV. Buying the cables and TV mounts online can save significant money. Below are items that have been used with OnBeat.

Important: Generic HDMI to Lightning Adapters on Amazon or Ebay do not work with OnBeat.