Q: What do I need to run OnBeat?
A: All you need is an iPhone or iPad and heart rate monitors. If you want to display the heart rate data on a TV, you will also need an HDMI cable and an Apple Lighting/HDMI adapter that plugs into your iPhone/iPad. You can also use an Apple TV for a wireless configuration. Visit onbeat.fit/install to learn more.

Q: Who should download the app?
A: OnBeat is meant for gym owners and fitness instructors to download. The athletes do not need to download OnBeat.

Q: How many heart rate monitors can be connected to the app?
A: The iPhone hardware allows up to 8 Bluetooth heart rate monitor connections. The iPad hardware allows up to 12 Bluetooth heart rate monitor connections. Additional hardware can be purchased from OnBeat to increase the connections to 100 heart rate monitors. Contact support@onbeat.fit to learn more.

Q: Can athletes bring their own heart rate monitors they already own?
A: Absolutely. OnBeat does not require a certain heart rate monitor to be used. Most modern heart rate monitors will work. Check out http://onbeat.fit/compatible-heart-rate-monitors/ for a list of heart rate monitors that work.

Q: Some of my athletes do not own a heart rate monitor. What heart rate monitors do you recommend?
A: We recommend the Scosche Rhythm+ (armband) and the Wahoo TICKR (chest). You can buy them from our store at onbeat.fit/store

Q: How can athletes view their results at the end of the class?
A: A summary appears on the TV when the timer is stopped. Athletes will also receive an email.

Q: I use Spotify on my iPhone/iPad. Can I control my music to external speakers and use OnBeat?
A: Yes, however plug your AUX cable into the TV instead of your iPhone/iPad. You can still adjust the volume from your iPhone/iPad.