Compatible Heart Rate Monitors

OnBeat let’s your members and athletes use whatever heart rate monitor they want. There is no proprietary monitor that is required.

Yes! We are compatible with Polar heart rate monitors 🙂

Wahoo TICKR  and Scosche Rhythm+

We stock the Wahoo TICKR and Scosche Rhythm+, so gyms can easily purchase at bulk discounts and resell them. We highly recommend these monitors, support them and test new features with these monitors — they are guaranteed to work with OnBeat. Contact to learn more about purchasing Wahoo and Scosche products. Purchases are typically shipped same day.

Bluetooth and ANT+

There are two signals that heart rate monitors send out — Bluetooth and ANT+. Depending on the manufacturer, some only send a Bluetooth signal (eg. Polar) and some only send an ANT+ signal (eg. Garmin).

The Wahoo TICKR and Scosch Rhythm+ are dual signal because they send both a Bluetooth and ANT+ signal.

The iPad and iPhone only have Bluetooth hardware, meaning they can’t connect to ANT+ only monitors without additional hardware. To connect to ANT+ monitors you must purchase our WiFi Bridge (antenna), which receives the heart rate data and sends it to the iPad/iPhone over your WiFi. Contact to learn more about purchasing the ANT+ antenna.

This link provides a list of over 75 ANT+ monitors that are compatible with OnBeat. All ANT+ monitors will work with OnBeat, so contact us if you don’t see your monitor on the list.


Most Garmin smartwatches such as the Fenix, Vivosmart and Vivoactive broadcast an ANT+ signal which is compatible with OnBeat using our antenna (sold separately). To enable ANT+ broadcasting in the watch, to Settings > Sensors or Heart Rate > Broadcasting > Select OK.

FitBit and Apple Watch

OnBeat does not currently work with FitBit or Apple Watch. The FitBit does not allow third party apps to receive real-time heart rate data. The Apple Watch is only able to connect to a person’s personal phone. If this changes, we will be sure to integrate with them.