What businesses are saying about OnBeat

We looked and tried multiple vendors to provide simple, consistent and scalable monitors to our IGNITE group classes. They do one thing and do it OUTSTANDING!

After searching different heart rate monitoring apps, I chose OnBeat and couldn’t be happier!! The members love the immediate feedback on how their workout is going and they are more motivated to come to class to train harder! The app is easy to use and implement.

We have been using this app at Elevate Performance in Rapid City, SD for about a month and couldn’t be happier! Our fitness members love the instant feedback and it is a great way for us as instructors to gauge the intensity. It is a great tool for education about workout intensity, heart health, and weight loss. It’s very simple to use and our members have loved looking back to compare results over time. We have used it for sports performance and physical therapy as well to improve performance and monitor exercise response! Great app and very helpful staff!

We have been using the OnBeat App integrated with MINDBODY-Easy to use and the staff at OnBeat super helpful. It has been a fantastic way for our teachers, trainers and members to up performance. Everyone loves the real-time feedback on the screens – to see how their workout is going. The integration with MINDBODY automatically loads members signed into class or training session into the App making it easy to use. This has opened a new venue of teaching our members how to maximize weight loss and work to their potential. Our members are hooked!

I have been utilizing the OnBeat software in my personal training studio (SMX Training in New Orleans) for private to small group training. The feedback my clients receive is incredibly motivating! I have clients that are intent on exceeding their last calorie burn each time they come in. I am now in the process of opening a new group training studio, Rogue Culture. The OnBeat software will be at the heart of our classes. We are very happy that we found this product.


There are so many different heart monitoring systems but I feel very fortunate to come across this one before I spent unnecessary money on one of the other systems. But on top of price, it works great as well! Any time I have ever needed any assistance the staff has been super responsive. I love OnBeat and my members do too! Great product and app!

Love this system over any other ones I’ve tried. Great staff and super easy to use system!

I was looking for an affordable app to use during my group fitness classes and I stumbled upon OnBeat. The app works great and is easy to use. We don’t specialize in HR training we just offer a monitor to display if the client is interested. I look forward to the upcoming development of the app.

This is a fantastic HR monitoring app that’s easy to setup and use. Our athletes love the instant feedback they get during their workout with the visual on the screen and after their workout with the summary report. We also appreciate the support the OnBeat team has provided. They are very friendly and responsive. We have been looking at other apps to add to our authentic experience and this one checks all the boxes for us here at Infinite Wellness.

We’ve been using OnBeat at Route 20 Fitness for a little over two months now and could not be happier with the program. The user interface is beautiful and it truly does motivate our clients to work harder in each of our classes.